Bugging Out? How Auto Detailers Safely Remove Smashed Bugs

Smushed bugs plastered on your car's front after a road trip can be tricky to remove without damaging the paint. Learn how professional detailers safely dissolve and lift stuck-on bug guts using special solvents, sponges and claying techniques. Avoid scraping or harsh chemicals that can ruin your finish. Call Sparkle and Bling Mobile Detailing to safely restore your paint's pristine condition after removing stubborn bug residue.

Sparkle and Bling

9/19/20231 min read

After a long drive, you may find your car’s front coated in splattered bug remains. Attempting removal with scraping or harsh chemicals can damage the paint. Read on to learn how professional auto detailers safely dissolve stuck bug guts without ruining your paint finish.

Assess Severity - Inspect to see how extensive and bonded the insect residue is to determine proper removal techniques.

Softening Solvents - Detailers often use solvents like isopropyl alcohol on a wet microfiber to soften the bug remains and safely separate them from the paint. This avoids scraping.

Bug Sponges - Special bug removing sponges can lift loosened bug particles away after solvent is applied. Rinse sponge frequently to keep bugs from spreading.

Claying - For really stuck-on bugs, a clay bar may be used to gently lift particles after softening without marring the paint. The lubrication prevents scratching.

Avoid Acids - Never use strong acids or acidic wheel cleaners which can permanently etch the clearcoat. This creates far costlier damage.

Let Sparkle and Bling Mobile Detailing remove those stubborn smashed bugs safely and restore your paint's pristine finish. Contact us today for a professional exterior detailing service!

With the proper techniques and products, auto detailers can dissolve, lift and remove stuck-on bugs without risking swirl marks or clearcoat damage. Get it done right and protect your paint’s shine with pro detailing services.