How To Remove Dog Hair From Car Seats

Does dog hair embedded in your car's upholstery drive you crazy? This article shares tips to effectively remove fur from car seats and fabrics using vacuums, lint rollers, microfiber towels, grooming gloves, fabric softener mixes, and professional extractors. Learn techniques to deep clean pet hair from your vehicle's interior for a fresher, fur-free ride. Discover the best DIY tools and professional detailing services for removing stubborn clinging dog fur.

Sparkle and Bling

9/18/20231 min read

Dogs make loyal riding companions, but their fur left behind can be a nuisance. With the right techniques, you can easily remove dog hair from car seats and upholstery. Here are pro tips for de-furing your car's interior:

  • Vacuum thoroughly using the crevice tool to lift hair from cracks and seams. Run the brush attachment over fabric to pull up clinging fur.

  • Use a lint roller or masking tape to grab stray hairs the vacuum misses. Press firmly and roll slowly for the best results.

  • Microfiber towels will cling to and trap fur as you rub the fabric. The slight hook of the fibers grabs dog hair.

  • Try a rubber grooming glove. Rub it across material to generate static electricity that pulls up pet hair.

  • Spray a mix of water and fabric softener, then wipe with a microfiber towel. This helps loosen the remaining clinging fur.

  • For serious fur situations, extract seats and upholstery using a professional-grade cleaner and extractor machine to deep clean.

  • Consider getting your car professionally detailed. Our powerful vacuums, steam extractors and cleaning solutions extract the most stubborn dog hair.

With some simple tools and techniques, you can keep car seats fur-free for a nicer ride. But for the ultimate interior refresh, bring man's best friend's biggest mess to the detailing experts.