What Mobile Detailers Can Do About Scratches on Your Vehicle

Can professional auto detailing make scratches on your car or truck disappear? This article explains how mobile detailers can fix or minimize different types of scratch damage. Learn how light swirls can be reduced with polishing. Discover scratch-filling compounds that embed into crevices to mask deeper marks. Read about paint correction to remove blemished clear coat revealing smooth paint underneath. Find out how careful wet sanding and polishing can eliminate scratches in the clear coat itself. See how extensive gouges may require full repainting of affected areas. While not all scratching can be removed, our array of techniques can dramatically improve the look of scratched paint. Contact us today to inspect your vehicle’s scratches and advise the best removal approach!

Sparkle and Bling

9/17/20231 min read

When your car's exterior accumulates fine scratches and swirl marks from regular wear and tear, it's common to wonder - can auto detailing remove scratches? The answer is yes; professional mobile detailers have techniques that can make scratches less visible or remove them entirely in many cases.

In this article, we'll look at how our mobile detailing service can effectively remedy scratch damage on your vehicle's paint and clear coat.

Light Scratch Minimizing

For fine swirl marks and superficial scratches, we use quality polishing compounds and a buffered polisher to smooth the finish. Multi-stage polishes gently reduce the appearance of light scratches.

Scratch Filling

Deeper scratches can be "filled" by our technicians during polishing. Advanced scratch fillers embed into crevices to minimize visible damage before refinishing the surface.

Paint Correction

Extensive swirling and scratching may require paint correction to remove blemished clear coat so fresh paint can be revealed. This process removes deeper scratches for a flawless appearance.

Clear Coat Scratches

If scratches penetrate the clear coat but not the base paint, we can carefully wet sand and polish out the defects. This removes scratching in the coating itself.

Full Repaints

For heavy scratching and grooving that damages paint, a full repaint of the affected area may be required. We can perform repainting to fix extensively scratched sections.

While not all scratching can be removed, our mobile detailers have an arsenal of scratch removal and minimization techniques. Contact us today to schedule an inspection, and we can advise the best approach for remedying the types of scratches on your vehicle.

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